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The revolutionary whole-of-market investment platform to drive your wealth business forward.

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Full service – Hubwise Portfolio is a single, white-labelled platform to service your discretionary, advisory and execution-only business lines.
Client sovereignty – we do not do triparty agreements. You retain full control and ownership of the relationship with your clients.
Complete and global coverage – trading access and custody in all the main asset classes across 80 markets worldwide.
The broadest possible range of product wrappers – including GIA, ISA, SIPP and Offshore Bond.
The modern platform – a clean and responsive digital experience for you and your clients.
Paperless – all customer correspondence generated and held securely in electronic form online.
Reduced admin – our exclusive in-house technology delivers the highest levels of process automation.
Risk mitigation- we hold, control and safeguard client money and assets in full accordance with FCA CASS Rules.
Model portfolio unitisation – we convert your models into an OEIC structure, removing the burden to maintain models and rebalance clients periodically, but still offering your clients full look-through to the underyling assets.
Increased margin – predictable, transparent and fair pricing, giving you a low total cost of ownership.