Hubwise welcomes Magus to the platform

Dec 10, 2020 9:22:54 PM

We are delighted to announce that Magus Private Wealth has launched its own modern investment platform through Hubwise.

The West Sussex and London-based financial planning and investment management firm has over £500 million of assets under management and serves over 600 families.  

The move to Hubwise and the creation of the new platform, branded as ‘Wealthtracker’, will mean the simplification and streamlining of its operating model and a number of benefits as they consolidate several platform relationships, giving Magus greater control over the management and administration of their client’s investments.

Alongside these operational benefits is the desire for Magus to serve its clients in the most effective and efficient way possible - simplifying and reducing the administrative burden, so that the management of client money is as streamlined as possible. Moving to the ‘platform operator’ model with Hubwise will bring a number of other tangible benefits including:

  • Enhanced control of client paperwork and communications, plus the ability to provide real-time information via the intuitive client portal
  • Greater buying power as clients’ assets are consolidated, enabling the platform fee to be amongst the most competitive in the market
  • Rebalancing of client portfolios will be made easier and quicker
  • Efficiencies through the digital and real-time integration capabilities of the platform

Over the coming weeks and months, Magus will be discussing the proposition with its clients individually to ensure that the Wealthtracker platform is most suitable for their needs and requirements, but they believe for the vast majority, this is going to be beneficial to them in a number of ways.

Amanda Mayes, Client Support Director of Magus, said “We are pleased to be partnering with Hubwise. They have been very supportive throughout this journey. The platform is central to our growth plans and meets the need for us to be agile and innovative, whilst continuing to provide clients with the highest level of service and access to information digitally at a very competitive cost of service. With the platform’s strong integration capabilities, we can streamline a number of processes which will mean greater efficiency, and the opportunity to really serve our clients in the most simple, straightforward and effective way possible.”

Angus Macdonald, CEO of Hubwise, said “This is a really exciting period for Hubwise. We are continuing to invest heavily in our own modern technology to support the ambitions of strong investment businesses like Magus. There is no doubt that the adoption of a modern investment platform can accelerate business growth and deliver competitive advantage.”

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