Hubwise: the platform for platforms

Jun 15, 2020 2:25:58 PM

A key differentiator for Hubwise is enabling the aspiration of investment firms to operate as the Platform Service Provider, without the administration and operational burden associated with other providers. 

Your single relationship with Hubwise covers the provision of web portal & API technology, all native product wrappers (GIA, ISA/JISA, SIPP and Offshore Bond), access to all your investment assets and the safeguarding of client assets and money. 

This is your platform, 'white-labelled' to reflect and promote your brand but also capable of being 'white-labelled' for any external intermediaries joining your platform - many adviser firms are keen to retain their own brand identity but take advantage of a modern investment platform to better serve their clients. 

With Hubwise, you have flexibility. Flexibility to operate using your own platform permissions, where applicable; but also to come to market quickly without your own platform permissions, and operate using Hubwise's platform permissions through an Appointed Representative contractual arrangement.

The following outlines the simplicity of the Platform Operator model with Hubwise.

Hubwise Platform Operator Model


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