Monthly Release - October 2020

Nov 6, 2020 11:28:05 AM

The Hubwise investment platform is architected around a single code stack and single, highly resilient transactional database serving all our customers.

With the modern platform technology owned and controlled by Hubwise, we are able to release enhancements and new features on a monthly cycle as part of our continuous improvement programme in close collaboration with our customers.

October 2020 Release - Main Features

1. Price Monitoring

There are a very small number of instruments for which we do not receive regular valuation prices from our data provider. For improved transparency, we have added a date against the last price shown, but only where that price is not for the last UK trading day.

2. Brexit Readiness

In preparation for the upcoming Brexit changes, we have amended the online client onboarding process to ensure successful  completion for UK residents only.

The first drop-down box for country of residence will only have GB, and an address needs to be a UK residency. However, for dual-resident clients, it will be possible for the adviser to add a secondary address within the EU.

3. Third Party Pension Withdrawals

We already support the ability for the pension products from 17 third party providers to be reflected on the platform.

This new feature now enables the adviser to instruct (or change) a cash withdrawal (one-off or regular) through the portal.

4. Partial Transfers

It is now possible to instruct a partial transfer-in as part of the online account opening process.

Partial transfers can be instructed as cash only or as in-specie.

Where the partial transfer is instructed as in-specie, the adviser should also separately provide details of the instruments and quantities to be transferred-in.