TheHubwiseDifference - enabling your D2C non-advised aspirations

Jun 23, 2020 1:13:07 PM

For many discretionary investment businesses, operating their own fund range and/or managed portfolio service (MPS), the opportunity to target their investment expertise and track record to a retail audience on a non-advised basis has rarely been exploited.

The Boards and senior management of these businesses have usually expressed the same concerns - the capital investment required to  introduce a digital D2C channel; the complexity of integrating with internal legacy systems; the disruption to existing infrastructure; and the additional operational and regulatory burden, to name a few.

All are valid observations. However, there is a new, lower risk solution for Fund Managers, DFMs and other investment propositions, which mitigates all those concerns.

The Hubwise Non-Advised User Journey

The provision of a readily-available digital onboarding journey for non-advised customers, enabling your firm to distribute its own investment products at scale, with a low capital investment and a minimal level of impact to your business:  

  •  you can 'white-label' the onboarding journey (a responsive web application) to reflect your brand identity and even customise components of the journey to suit your D2C proposition
  •  you control the commercial proposition to your retail customers, including the level of any platform fee
  •  you control which product wrappers are available from a choice of GIA, ISA, Junior ISA and SIPP
  •  you control which electronic cash payment types are offered to customers, including direct debit, BACS transfer and debit card
  •  with the platform undertaking real-time AML & Identity checks on prospective customers prior to account creation   
  •  and all underpinned by a fully regulated custody and client money (FCA CASS) service provided by Hubwise

D2CThe Hubwise REST API

We like to provide choices at Hubwise.

For some investment firms, particularly those with in-house digital expertise, the opportunity to build or deploy their own client app is critical to fully controlling their brand differentiation in a D2C non-advised proposition.

Hubwise fully supports that option too. We believe our REST API is the most expansive in the UK retail wealth market and is available to support your own client onboarding app interacting with the Hubwise platform on a real-time, bi-directional basis, with all the great service features as noted previously. 

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