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Jun 16, 2020 3:02:52 PM

Many of the adviser groups operating their own branded platforms on Hubwise have extensive in-house investment management capabilities to augment their independent financial planning services.

As well as servicing these in-house discretionary teams, Hubwise has also earned the trust of over 20 third party DFMs delivering their managed portfolio services to our growing adviser community.

Over the past few months, a wide range of complex enhancements have been developed in collaboration with many of these progressive investment teams. Some of the these features are usually the preserve of institutional asset managers but are now available to the retail wealth market:

  •  use of 'floating' model portfolios, where the weighting of each underlying asset constituent drifts with the daily market price movement.
  •  maintain model portfolios using a range of asset classes including, collective funds, cash equities, AIM stocks, ETFs, investment trusts and exchange-traded bonds.
  •  the use of ETFs in models supported by a sophisticated algorithm to enable the fractional allocation to underlying client accounts - complemented by Hubwise's direct trading membership of the London Stock Exchange and direct membership of CREST.
  •  include assets in a mix of currencies (GBP, EUR or USD) in the same model, with the platform automatically generating the relevant FX trade following a client investment - particularly suitable for the growth in ESG portfolios.
  •  support for the construction of discretionary model portfolios based on an allocation to one or more other models (model of models).
  •  an instrument swap feature to allow a % of a single asset to be sold in the model with the proceeds invested in up to 5 other assets, without needing to rebalance each client portfolio linked to the model.
  •  enabling the investment team to securely instruct individual client orders, and any trades dealt away from the platform, through an automated CSV file interface.

The following outlines the range of 3rd party DFMs efficiently operating their discretionary managed portfolio services on Hubwise platforms.

Hubwise DFM Panel


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